Eight Days

‘I felt an urge to take off on a trip – to do something unscripted. To document a self-expression that is increasingly precious in a society where we have perhaps become imprisoned by our own material desires. Our spirits can fly far and beyond these paradigms.

Intimate and spontaneous, Venetia’s latest book chronicles the adventures of a group of friends in the epic sweep of the American West. The work marks a further development in Venetia’s approach to photographing people and landscapes. The publication was nominated for Recontres d’Arles Book Award in 2012 and was featured as one of Joerg Colberg’s best books of the year in 2011. The series has been exhibited in London 2011,  New York 2012,  Amsterdam, 2012 and Switzerland 2012.

‘The viewer is made to move along, made to share some of the experiences, and this is what makes the book so successful. Add to that the fact that there are a great many very good photographs in the book, and you pretty much get a perfect result from eight days on the road in the US. Recommended.’– Joerg Colberg

Limited Edition
Signed by Venetia Dearden.
Softcover, 24 x 32cm
80 pages
47 color photographs
ISBN 978-3-86828-254-2

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